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Uncommon phrase synonymous with the human mouth. Generally used by male military personnel, in a derogatory context, directed at other male service members.
Shut your dickwarmers and get back to work, fuckheads!
by thekaji August 11, 2008
Term used in social circles to describe the action of strangulation, usually associated with sexual intercourse.
Word Origin: Slang derived by upper-class citizens stemming from the commonly used words - Choked, a, and bitch
While fucking a girl in the backroom of a strip club, she asked me to choke her, so I put my dickbeaters up by her neck. Then she told me "No, really choke me". So then I chokedabitch.
by thekaji August 11, 2008
Organ of the human body commonly used in the exchange of ignorant, irreverent, or dimwitted information.
Shut your bitchmouth, asshead!
by thekaji August 11, 2008
acronym for 'Chief of the Boat' on board submarines. Typically a useless position filled by somebody who loves dick in there mouth, and shoves sticks up there own ass for pleasure. The only real duty of a COB is to make sure cleaning is performed more than necessary and to lower crew morale during a 'bitch session', 'flame spraying', or general berating.
I was gonna go to sleep before I operated the Reactor Plant today, but that shithead COB made me go fuck myself instead.
by thekaji August 11, 2008
A sexual act, typically performed by rubbing ones feet on a man's unusually scruffy beard, while simultaneously stimulating the vagina of an opossum currently tied to a croquet bat and drenched in stinky cheese. The name is derived from the frequent use of this sexual act by the people of Canada, and its most famous instance of preventing a US-Canadian territory despute in 1846 when President James Polk performed this with Charles Metcalfe in a mutual agreement of ceasefire.
I thought she may have even been 'the one', but she left town when I asked her to do Canada's History with me last night.
by thekaji March 18, 2010
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