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bad mood
"He had a right cob on" -- translates: "He was in a bad mood"

This was current in the UK's working-class east London/surrounding counties around 1950s & 60s. I haven't heard it used for many years.

It was always used in the sense of the example. I never heard it used as a verb or adjective
by lexijohn September 21, 2013
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hairstyle: a cross between a crop and a bob. can also be called a crob.
"I've just had a cob."

"I've just been cobbed."

"Wow. I love your new cob. It really suits you."
by cobber May 14, 2013
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Close of business. Equivalent to EOD, or End of Day.
"You want it when?"
"We're a 24/7 internet company, we don't have a COB."
"Then give it to me EOD."
by SiteNook February 21, 2012
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Insult, usually used towards stupid people.
Ex. You're such a cob!
by hynd December 02, 2010
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Someone who is worthless, lazy, dirty and useless. Like a corn cob. Worthless and not even good enough to wipe your butt with.
Look at his yard, it is a total mess with trash and old cars. He is just too lazy to scratch his own ass. He is such a cob.
by Bluebell50 July 18, 2010
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Cock on Balls; or COB to have completed a task in good time, or exceptionally well or built something to perfection. Derived from the male form, Cock being slang for penis and balls slang for testicals. there is no greater design or example of perfection then the male anatomy.
Ben: " hows that job commiing?"
Pete "cock on balls be done in a minute!"

"you've done another COB job johnson"
by modern_cowboy March 26, 2010
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Call of Booty. formaly known as the booty call
Dude 1:Bro, i just got COB from amber
Dude 2:Tap that shit yo
by jjjaaajjjaaa March 13, 2010
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