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crying my ass off.

used just like lmao is used to abriviate laughing my ass off
1: "Sup 2??"
2: "Nuthin Much, cmao"
1: "Wat Happened??"
2: "I Got Dumped ="
#lmao #cmfao #crying #my #ass #off
by sum real shit December 10, 2007
"Cramming my ass off"

Pronunciation: "see-em-ay-oh"
Student A: What you doing mate?
Student B: CMAO
Student A: hehe, don't cram too hard.....
Student B: I've never liked you Student A.
#cramming #study #cram #lmao #student
by Mash2nv September 15, 2014
Crying my ass off
I'm in so much pain that I feel like cmao
#cry #crying #my #ass #off
by tatsujingosuto March 26, 2009
"cry my ass off" or "crying my ass off"

used sarcastically and during times of emotional distress
1. CMAO because my Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has come after 2 weeks. 2. My crush likes another girl, CMAO
by Emma Cowart May 28, 2016
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