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To add emphasis, to the act of being clutch, or being able to preform under pressure. the act of being beyond clutch. often used in FPS games, like Counter-Strike. Made popular by an announcer from CPL Winter 2005.
omg, `faLLeN-+ is so clutch-sauce, did u see him ace the whole team , 5 against 1? did u see him get a knife and the defuse?!?! clutch-sauce right there.
by Scott Webber May 13, 2006

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Clutch Sauce is an amazing combination of BBQ sauce along with Blue Cheese dressing, mixed in a bowl and used for dipping anything from chicken wings to pizza.

This could be the greatest thing ever when hungover or drunk.
Yo, grab me a chicken wing. And you better dip it in some clutch sauce!

Q: Do you like to dip your wings in BBQ sauce, or Blue Cheese?
A: Dude...BOTH..its the clutch sauce!
by ConeCrewCarl May 19, 2010