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A place in the middle east, in too much in termoil and having too unstable of a government to give an actually name to. This place is constantly involved in multiple meaningless, religous wars and wants to Kill Americans for having different religous views or no religous views.
"why don't the people in clusterfuckistan stop attacking us for being infidels? Fuck they need to get laid and stop treating weman worse than camels.
by Lil' Sins January 04, 2010
Any place in the middle east that is constantly at war over stupid religous shit. The people in this place are ready to kill anyone who doesn't agree with them. They don't have a stable government because they are uncivilized barbarians. They hate Americans because we accept all races and religions (even though we have some racist groups, but who doesn't). They will never agree to stop attacking America and this is why we have heroes fighting them off to keep us safe at home (thank a soldier).
person A: why are we even at war in the first place? we should bring the troops home.

person B: even if we brought the troops home the people in clusterfuckistan wouldn't stop attacking us dumbass!!!
by Jed Sinsheimer January 07, 2010
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