A river blockage caused by a large number of novice boats parked in interesting orientations

During Michaelmas Term in Oxford or Cambridge, there are many rowing boats on the river occupied by people who are new to the sport - novices. These people are usually quite bad at rowing and can be quite upsetting for other river users. Sometimes, their sheer idiocy can lead to pile-ups in the river, or a clusterbadger. Indeed, from above, it will actually look as messy as a group of badgers attempting a clusterfuck.
Cox: Hold it up all eight. There's a *massive* clusterbadger up ahead.
Stroke: Badgering novices.
by fr277 November 16, 2011
Top Definition
Variant of clusterfuck: a military operation where multiple things have gone wrong.

Origin: fuck is replaced by badger on some messageboards. Users of such boards have assimilated the use of badger into their everyday speech giving rise to some amusing sentence constructions.
What the hell is going on here?
I have no idea. It's a right old clusterbadger.
by beastalina November 16, 2011
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