The sort of person that would turn a straight man bisexual.
What a Clur, he used to be straight.
by cunningstunningrunt April 15, 2009
Top Definition
A bubbley excitable sweet heart who is to good for their own good

Someone who blows bubble for the fun of it

or crys when bubbles are popped
Clur: that cone looks lonely
Person a: what?
Clur hugs cone
by jokezsta February 29, 2008
Slang for "clear."
Used mostly in the south.
I don't want the red kool-aid, I want the clur one!
by D-Dawggggggg October 19, 2011
Somebody who only goes out with dogs, and generally expects something in return
That person is such a Clur
by Alex L February 03, 2004
A person of a particular class or status, who is known to go out with dogs. This is often for reasons of financial gain or prosperity.
That girl is such a Clur
by AM Lawrance February 03, 2004
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