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cluedo (to play) - a euphemism for a sexual encounter. Usually used to downplay or disguise the event to others.
"So how did you get on last night?"
"We just played a couple of games of cluedo."

by despi April 09, 2007
when you are gettin of with a milf!! and you pull her pants down and she revealed a 12" penis.this is kind of cluedo meanin clueless
guesssss wat ya mums got a penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shouts cluedo
by sir martyrs January 26, 2008
An act of homosexuality where two members of the male sex cup eachothers ballsacks and handclap with the other hand.
Oh look, blair and drew are cluedoing again.
by HandclapGas May 24, 2016
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