To humiliate, eviscerate, & annihilate your opponent, preferably in front of a large audience close to your opponents home.
The 2006 rose bowl. Less than 7 minutes left to play in the game. USC is up by 12 points on Texas. The game is in USC's backyard. USC is the ESPN anointed "Greatest College Football Team Ever" They are Coached by the Defensive Genius Pete Carroll. Yet, a bunch of cow lovers from Texas score 15 unanswered points in less than 7 minutes to beat USC 41-38 and win the BCS National Championship. True clownstomp.
by Scamp Walker November 07, 2006
Top Definition
To utterly humiliate someone and insult him/her (calling him/her a clown) at the same time. This is a variation of the word curbstomp but is slightly more humorous.

Alternative definitions may say that the victim was humiliated so badly it is as if he was stomped on using clown shoes.
Ashlee Simpson got clownstomped by her band on SNL.
by samnite January 18, 2006
total humiliation, complete embarassment
after barely winning the 2005 college football national championship, the university of texas was completely clownstomped the following season, failing to even qualify for a BCS bowl or even play in their conference championship game.

by jpfoursc November 12, 2007
The spike move (down-a in the air) for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 64. When an opponent is off the stage in mid-air, jump up and press down-a upon contact and the opponent will rocket downward for an INSTANT KILL!

It's called a clown stomp because cap'n falcon looks like a crazy clown with all his different colored suits.
you want a... CLOWN STOMP??!!!
by TJ BALLER September 19, 2010
To destroy or upstage in humiliating fashion, similar to having sex with someone's girlfriend while making them shine your shoes in the same room.
Did you see how Indiana clown stomped the Boilermakers last night 97-60?!?

Bro, you better get dafuq outta my face or ima clown stomp you right here in front of your girl.
by MarthasBroom February 01, 2013
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