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Neither a clown that is a baby, nor a baby that is a clown. Simply, clownbaby.
"Man! That clownbaby was HILARIOUS!"

"I've got all of my money on that sleeper, clownbaby."
by Carrie/Brian October 16, 2007

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A nickname for the anti-anxiety drug, klonopin. May have originated from an episode of the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," in which the character Charlie was entered in an underground fighting club under the name "Clown Baby," and snorted unnamed white powders.
My shrink thinks I'm too jumpy, so he prescribed me some Clown Baby.
by ClownBaby88 September 09, 2011
a whore who wears a lot of makeup
that elizabeth sure is a clown baby
by Warn the den. January 15, 2009