The act of busting around a girls mouth and punching her in the face as to give her a white mouth and a red nose.
Gave that ho a clown face!
by Jake May 21, 2004
v. the sexual act of a woman jerking off a man and when the man ejaculates into her hand she slaps him in the face. The man then experiences shock with feelings of sadness or anger, preferably both. In either case, the man is left in shame and cries.
Stacie gave Tim a clown face in his car last night. When she got out of the car he was still wailing like a little bitch.
#clown pie #sexual act #weirdness #semen sanchez #wild buffalo
by AshDrea May 20, 2010
To ejaculate cum on a females face after she has been successfully pleasured and happy. (i.e. painting her face white and leaving her with a smile)
I had a wild night with her last night leaving her with a clown face.
#cream face #cum #coof #cum on face #facial
by S3K November 14, 2010
When a man has sex with a female when she is on her peroid.
Zach did you have sex with your girl this weekend?We did but she was on her rag,she so clown faced me.
#rag #time of the month #tampon #floss #blood
by wekillsuckasbuddy December 15, 2009
Only putting makeup on the front of the face, forgetting to blend it toward the neck area, creating a definite line.
That lady with the clown face needs to learn how to put her makeup on!
#makeup #cosmetics #camouflage #paint #lotion
by Erin Wilcox September 05, 2008
See Strawberry cheesecake or Cherry danish but it is the same thing. The Pirate is another sexual act with which I was unfamiliar until I saw this website but I recommend reading up on it and by the way, practice DOES make perfect!!!
She deserved it. Give your girlfriend a clownface tonight!!!! She'll never call you a fucking slacker again!!
#strawberry cheesecake #cherry danish #pirate #poo #jeeg
by Fox JK October 15, 2006
When a homo shoots his wad in another homo's face, then punches him in the nose. Once the nose begins to bleed the shooter rubs it in the recievers face.
John gave Frank a clown face.
#homo #blood #clown #face #anal
by Simon Begley March 22, 2006
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