The face a guy has while getting caught masturbating. Usually a surprised, a scared, and an O-face all put together.
I walked in on my brother and he had his clown face on.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 18, 2006
Top Definition
see "red wings"...
describes the look of someones face who just performed oral sex on a lady who is on her period
You dumb ass clown should have waited 3 days until she was done!!!
by mike mathis March 27, 2003
The street name of the most prolific police officer ever to work the drug infested Hough neighborhood in Cleveland, OH. It has been said that just the sight of his police cruiser, 513 and, later 313 and 3B23, would strike fear into the hearts of drug dealers. Often described as fair but heavy handed in the face of disrespect or resistance of arrest. This name was bestowed upon this officer by local street level drug dealers.
"Aww shit! we better get outta here..its Clown Face!"
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
(kloun-feys) verb,
To ejaculate on your partners face, then punch them at hard as you can till they bleed.
She gave me lip so I clown faced the bitch, maybe next time she will make me a sandwich when I ask.
by JeffC November 27, 2006
The act of eating out a female while she has her period.
After I went clownface my girlfriend wiped the blood off my face with a wet washcloth.
by Joey Sauce February 03, 2010
While a man is performing oral sex on a woman and the woman unknowingly starts her period. The period blood then smears around the man's mouth like red clown makeup.
Last night while giving a bitch some head, I ended up with a clown face because she forgot she started her period that day.
by TashaJ December 13, 2013
Eating out a female that has her period at the time.
I want to eat out your period pussy until I have clown face.
by SNL16 March 27, 2009
The act of emitting male ejaculate on a female's face, and then delivering a quick punch to her nose, causing a nosebleed.
Yeah, I finally gave her a clownface last night. She hadn't consented, so she was rather upset with me. The good news, however, is that now I only need to pull off the Dirty Sanchez.
by jniz March 02, 2008
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