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Clonking is the new word for Masterbating or the gay word used by homosexuals "fapping" clonking originates from Vagipe when 2 lonely guys got bored of hearing the word Fap and decied clonk was better as used by "-Upyr-" and "CGE (coolestGuyEver221"
Man im sooo hard right now im gnna go Clonk along to that girl Cookie while -Upyr- joins me :)
by CoolestGuyEver221 November 24, 2009
5 13
to hit with a dull thudding force
yar...you clonked me in the din
by permafrown November 04, 2004
25 7
An awesome 2D splitscreen game.
We played clonk until the morning.
by Karvman January 11, 2007
7 4
Another word for or synonym for the word "bong". Meaning just kidding, or "NOT!". Also can be used in place of PWN3D during online gaming.
Wow, I really just clonked the shit out of that pussy ass n00b cunt bitch dick.
by JDig April 25, 2008
7 7