That sick, cold feeling you get when
you realise you have forgotten something
"Oh shit !", Peter exclaimed, as clong set in.
by tanuki August 16, 2005
Top Definition
The hybrid penis/clitoris found on sexually maldeveloped females. Derived from clit/schlong. See also mung.
"Did you see the size of that hermaphro's clong?"
"Yeah dude, that whores totally getting a mungin'"
by Ryan Gardner October 06, 2004
1. v. to hit or strike someone over the head with a very heavy metal object, usually flat, resulting in a loud clanging noise
2. v. To dash towards someone with the intent of clinging to them, but instead ending up knocking or ramming them over very violently
Ashriel clonged Coding with a pair of cymbals.
by WordTwister July 28, 2003
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