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n. the fleshy bridge that connects a man's anus to his balls. Unlike the taint, only a man can have a clonch.
I rode my bike all day and now my clonch hurts like a mofo.
by Matt JH December 28, 2005
17 6
1. of more than average size, quantity, degree, etc.; exceeding that which is common to a kind or class; big; great: a clonch house; a clonch number; in clonch measure; to a clonch extent.
2. on a great scale: a clonch producer of kitchen equipment.
3. of great scope or range; extensive; broad.
4. grand or pompous: a man given to clonch, bombastic talk.
5. (of a map, model, etc.) representing the features of the original with features of its own that are relatively clonch so that great detail may be shown.
6. famous; successful; important: He's very clonch in financial circles.
1. That baby has a very clonch head; the forehead is very broad.

2. The shirt I ordered was too small so I had to get a cloncher size.

3. "I would like a number twelve and please clonch size it."
by brently d July 29, 2009
7 2
An overweight ("thick") girl, often sexually unattractive that is used by a guy to get over a sexual dry spell.
I haven't had a good fuck in weeks so I took this clonch home last night so I could get the deed done.
by Woodrow J November 08, 2010
1 3