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An enemy in the payday video games that can disguise and run at you (extremely quickly) and kick you in the face,knocking you down.While running at you they make a very loud and annoying static noise and it gets louder as they get closer and can also ambush you from around corners.AKA the fucking scariest thing ever if your wearing heavy armor.(as the weight from the armor will slow you down).
Dave:Yo John got kicked by a cloaker! Brandon:Why didn't he say anything? Dave:I don't fucking know his mic is shitty just go revive him.
by Pssh Im MLG January 02, 2015
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Cloaker: Facebook user who sets their online Status to private and, after spying on the status of the other members of Friends list, will post, comment, or poke from unknown status source, only to disappear back into oblivion.
"I know shes a cloaker becuz she'd poke me after everytime I logged in and she wasn't online"
by Methodikal April 15, 2008

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