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When a male loses his confidence around the opposite sex and cannot approach them in an attempt to have a sexual encounter with them.
"Oi, you should go speak to that girl, she's up for it"

"Nah man, I've got the Clit Shits
by Gallaballer August 23, 2014
When you are in the process of eating her clit and she shits all over your face.
*Licking her clit* "I got a surprise for you baby,ever heard of a clitshit?" *continues licking,Shits all over his face*
by Blackened1 May 01, 2011
crusty clitoris and/ or vagina
ew brads got some ugly clitshit
by j cizzle March 18, 2005
a guy who cant get his head out of cunt; a guy who tends to go downtowne
" All he does is eat his girls pussy, he is a real clit-shit."
by pp puffer January 22, 2006
1.) Fecal matter that is extruded through the clitoral opening.

2.) feminine version of the word bullshit
"Oh my god, i took the biggest clit shit this morning."

"That bitch is mouthing off with her clit shit again."

"What a piece of clit shit."
by Dteve January 26, 2005
When a girl is on her period and the blood looks brown.
Holy clit shit that's some clit shitty clit shit!
by BonBonCereal March 20, 2016
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