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When you are in the process of eating her clit and she shits all over your face.
*Licking her clit* "I got a surprise for you baby,ever heard of a clitshit?" *continues licking,Shits all over his face*
by Blackened1 May 01, 2011
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crusty clitoris and/ or vagina
ew brads got some ugly clitshit
by j cizzle March 18, 2005
5 4
a guy who cant get his head out of cunt; a guy who tends to go downtowne
" All he does is eat his girls pussy, he is a real clit-shit."
by pp puffer January 22, 2006
7 11
1.) Fecal matter that is extruded through the clitoral opening.

2.) feminine version of the word bullshit
"Oh my god, i took the biggest clit shit this morning."

"That bitch is mouthing off with her clit shit again."

"What a piece of clit shit."
by Dteve January 26, 2005
22 37