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Do the women there have exposed clitorati?
by Stewie Griffin Jr. January 26, 2006
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The clitorati are the esteemed members of the lesbian subculture, that submerse themselves in the esoteric festivities- like "womyn's music festivals"- and Sapphic arts that define lesbianism over the past four decades or so.
Often appearing to be a pastiche of an amazoninan tribe- being very primitive and "in tune" with all and sundry- the clitorati are militant about keeping their "womyn-only space" an elysium of sorority, with no oppressive influences (ie- penises) to be in sight; sometimes they even exclude the odd "man-child", with his barely developed penis.

See also: radical feminism and rank arrogance
Now you have entered the Clitorati... welcome to the folds!
by THELesbian February 10, 2004
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