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Plural form of clitoris.
Do the women there have exposed clitorati?
by Stewie Griffin Jr. January 26, 2006
The clitorati are the esteemed members of the lesbian subculture, that submerse themselves in the esoteric festivities- like "womyn's music festivals"- and Sapphic arts that define lesbianism over the past four decades or so.
Often appearing to be a pastiche of an amazoninan tribe- being very primitive and "in tune" with all and sundry- the clitorati are militant about keeping their "womyn-only space" an elysium of sorority, with no oppressive influences (ie- penises) to be in sight; sometimes they even exclude the odd "man-child", with his barely developed penis.

See also: radical feminism and rank arrogance
Now you have entered the Clitorati... welcome to the folds!
by THELesbian February 10, 2004

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