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(noun) one who licks a clitoris. Can be male or female
Sara:"That Fred is an excellent clit licker".

Sara:"My friend Marge is a fantastic clit licker when she's not sucking cock."
by Jake March 24, 2004
108 23
a guy or girl who is a suck up to a girl

"Matt and Cheyne are such clit lickers, they do whatever Chloe tells them to."
by poopymcdoopy April 18, 2008
32 14
The Female equivalent of cocksucker referring to the licking of the female clitoris. Refers to a female‘s sexuality.
She's a fuckin clitlicker
by StreetMuffin January 04, 2005
24 7
A heterosexual male, as opposed to a homosexual one
He's not gay; he's a clit licker.
by Todd Patina June 19, 2005
43 29
(n.) any individual who enjoys licking clitori, human or otherwise.
I knew Janet was a clitlicker when she went down on that heifer's twat.
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007
10 5
one who leaves boyfriend for bull dyke bitch
if countrywide only knew that melissa and natalie were clit lickers!!!
8 12