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1. To be smaller or as small as the female organ, the clitoris.
2. Something that is very hard to find and takes what feels like an eternity to be revealed.
3. A person, item or object that is difficult to grasp due to slippery conditions.
1. "Oh my gosh!!! His penis is extremely clitiscule!!"
2. "This map needs a magnifying glass. The print is quite clitiscule."
3. "I can't give a newborn a bath. Do you realize what a grievous clitiscule position that puts me in?? I don't think I want to be held responsible for a wet baby sliding through my hands."
4. "True love is very clitiscule."
5. "This frog is totally clitiscule---He keeps sliding out of my hand."
by Amanda Nicole Romanach December 22, 2006
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