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A person who acts so goth, punk, emo, preppy, or any other social clique label to the point of it being cliché.
Brittney: "I was born with a silver fucking dick in my mouth. I like wearing only preppy clothes, I'm extremely judgmental of anyone different, I'm popular, and the world revolves around me. me me me me me."

Jay: "You are a cliqche of prep"

Blake: "I only listen to death metal, I wear black, and think I'm Satan..... even though In the face of real evil most of us goths would probably shit themselves."

Jay: "You are a cliqche of goth"

Jessica: "I'm so hardcore! I Love the Ramones, and sex pistols! I'm so effin hardcore, but I'm still not as hardcore as goth! Because I don't want to kill people! ...... so i guess I'm just kinda hardcore.... yeah...."

Jay: "You are a cliqche of punk"

Evan: "After I go cut myself, I'm going to go beat my meat to fallout boy, and write shitty poetry. Please listen to my problems that i exaggerate, because in reality my life probably isn't halfway as bad as i make it out to be. I'm just a fucking attention whore who likes to bitch."

Jay: "I don't think I need too say anything else."
by Jaysiff March 18, 2009

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