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The habit of repeatedly and continually clicking on the "yes", "ok" or "accept" button while you wait for the painfully slow internet to register your decision and only stop once the page has loaded.
Dwayne's computer crashed due an overload which was due to his severe case of clickitis but also just because his name was Dwayne.
by DazedDingo June 21, 2006
1) Clicking repeatedly or habitually without reading the prompt.

2) Clicking or moving objects without paying full attention to what you are moving or where you are moving them.
Example of 1.
User - "I accidentally deleted an important file from the network drive."
Support - "Did you receive a warning prompt?"
User - "I did, but I clicked yes to it by mistake."

Example of 2.
The February email archive spontaneously moves into the January email archive. No one knows how it got there, must have been clickitis.
by TierHon March 14, 2009
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