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remaining masturbation fluid that leaves a creamy white residue
"Hey Ivan Tse, your clib is showing"
by He bitch and She Male May 05, 2006
Profanity. Usually used in substitution for words such as "fuck", "bitch", and "douchebag". Meant to add insult to injury when used in a verbal cock fight, due to it's homonynity to the word "clit". This can also be used for shock value.

Most commonly used as a noun, but can be supplemented into a sentence as whatever part of speech the context calls for.
"We have sweet deals on Ed Hardy clothing today, you want me to hook you up?" "Um, excuse me, sir. Do I look like a clib?"

What the clib?

It smells like clib in here.
by PROS(E) February 14, 2010

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