A peice of fecal matter that dangles off a buttox hair that is then placed into the mouth and consumed.
Look at Shawn over boyos, he seems to have consumed a clessehpoo. Lets all laught at him. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
by bloody muffin September 03, 2003
A dingleberry covered in gooch hair that shawn eats for everymeal.
Gross man, he just picked that one out of a truck driver!!
by kakakka September 03, 2003
Dingleberry inside of your mouth
Shawn had Clessehpoo for dinner!
by GodHatesYou September 01, 2003
A food that tastes VERY good
Oh god this is grade A ClessehPoo... Waiter, MORE CLESSEHPOO PLEASE!!!
by LuVeRoFcLeSsEhPoO September 03, 2003
A little piece of feces sticking off the hairs of a man or woman's anus. Often licked or sucked off in gay sexual intercourse.

SEE ALSO: Shawn Meas's favorite food.
Shawn Meas said that clessehpoos "taste like chocolate chicken."
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
A dingleberry that Shawn E. Meas sticks in his mouth and chews for lunch, dinne, snack ect.
look dudes.... that shawn kid is eating a clesseh poo again ewwwww gross
by Anonymous September 02, 2003

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