A refrense to the size of boobs. Watermellons are big boobs, grilled cheese is when someone is flat.
She has clementines, but that girl has watermellons
by WilbrahamSlangKids January 13, 2009
Top Definition
One of the few lucky girls who have an interesting name that is still pretty and works well with surnames. Clementines are pretty and fun but not stupid or annoying. The thing that annoys Clementines the most is people calling them 'tangerine' or 'satsuma' if you call a clementine this they will never ever be your friend or like you ..... trust me
A new girl walks into a classroom. She is very pretty and has an air of confidence and intelligence about her.

Teacher: So this is our new girl sorry what's your name?
Clementine: Clementine
Teacher: Can I just call you tangerine? 'smiles'
Clementine: Piss off you stupid arse
An adorable bad-ass girl from the walking dead game . She's quite strong for her age and has survived throughout the years . In season 1 he met a guy called lee , he took care of clementine for a while . Clementine's family had already died . Lee sadly died after a while & clementine was with another group . She's grown now & has become independent . Clementine was voiced by : Melissa Hutchinson ( a voice actor ) .
Girl 1 : hey do you know clementine from TWDG ?

Girl 2 : yes !!! she's my favourite character from the game .
by RandomGirl1011 August 11, 2014
hybrid between a tangerine and an orange. easy to peel. seedless, sweet, and juicy.
clementines are so delicious that i could eat a whole wooden case of them.
by headycheese February 15, 2006
A female who possesses the same qualities that a male desires when choosing other male friends (see also; Bromance) but remains extremely feminine and attractive despite her dude-like awesomeness.

A woman who is desired by many men for her style and charm but also because she can drink them under the table if need be and curses like a tenured trucker.

Signs that you may have a Clementine on your hands:
1. When making plans for a date night, she suggests getting drunk and playing video games.

2. She wants to have sexual intercourse on a daily basis (after the one month mark of your courtship has passed)

3. She has a fondness for comic books while still being able to give you an erection.
"Hey John, is it true that the hot chick you are dating is really a Clementine?" "Yeah man, she gave me road head on the way to the comic book convention yesterday and this morning she let me fuck her in her ass!
by Jane D. Clementine January 17, 2011
Clementine Kruczynski-- Character in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (played by Kate Winslet) who is unhappy in her relationship with a man named Joel Barish (played by Jim Carrey) and has a medical procedure done to completely erase his existence from her memory.
Clementine Kruczynski from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
by KAYY11 February 06, 2008
girnger, cute, loves nutella and badass girl. Still not match for the real badass.
Clém Entine is a badass
by gigi07 September 20, 2012
rather delious... but be careful they do have seeds contrary to what somebody else said when defining them. if you eat them you wont get scurvy so thats another plus
yummm i really do enjoy the taste of these clementines... adn they look like child oranges
by baby phat November 23, 2006
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