Surname of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Today Nick Clegnut made his first speech at the dispatches box whilst the Prime Minister David Cameron was carrying out a trip to India aimed at strengthening business and trade links.
by northernmonkey33 August 11, 2010
Slang and derogatory term used for a person of diminished intellect.
You clegnut, yes it IS raining outside !
by Weezhard January 31, 2003
the shriveled up gonads of a man aged no less than 83 years old.
Ed “boom boom” Jarvis had worked successfully in the adult film industry for years, until an extreme case of cleg nuts befell him at the early age of 42, doctors surmised the cleg nut effect can be accelerated due to extreme over use
by reginaandray February 12, 2007
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