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the pieces of shit that are stuck to ones arsehole haires as a result of bad arse wiping.
Shit there shit stuck on my arse. Shut up you cleg
by gangsta-rapper-antonio June 09, 2005
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An unwashed female will get a build up of this foul substance in her clunge. It is similar to male 'smeg'.
I went down on a girl last night but it didn't last long as she had so much cleg.
by sneakysneaks December 20, 2010
that which is a bowl of vegetarian ingredients served at popular food chain, Chipotle. The abbreviation stands for Crispy Lettuce, Extra Guacamole...
Yo dude! You going to Chipotle?" "That is correct. Would you like your CLEG?
by The Hunster October 13, 2010
To eat a chip out of someones ass.
I Clegged sally last night. She stained my chip.
by Asscrash May 31, 2007
The practice of pinning someone down and farting in their mouth.
It was a perfect night. Oysters, champagne, everything, and then to make my ecstasy complete, he clegged me.
by Clags-to-riches December 02, 2004
British. slang term for slut!
"Oh God! She is such a cleg."
by Randy November 26, 2004

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