The leftover excrement that is found hanging on a persons anus hair.
Jills arse was dirty because she had alot of cleg nuts.
by Stu January 06, 2004
Top Definition
matted tried turd that gets caught in your arse hair, very small and hard to shift
fuck me, i have a threeweek old cleg nut
by bigman March 14, 2003
Marble sized pieces of feces commonly found adhering to the arse pubes
of certain old men. Very rarely found on women...
Oh man, did you see you the clegnuts on that guy who just mooned us!
Dude! weak! There's a clegnut in my coco!
excreted feses stuck to anus pubes.
poo stuck to ass hairs.

basically its a lump of turd stuck to your ass pubes.
Alex has lots of clegnut.
by StevenOfDonny May 04, 2008
unwiped excrement hanging from anal pubic hair
see above
by Pinky August 14, 2003
when pubic hairs get mattered up with poo they look like poonuts.
tara hadnt wiped her bum properly, so she had recieved clegnuts.
by tara whitchar. July 13, 2008
A lump of poo that has dried to an anal pube as a result of incorrect wiping of the area after having a turd. Often discovered when washing in the shower and causes pain on removal
''Dude, I found a clegnut the other day, it hurt like hell!''
by Byroncel May 03, 2009
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