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Slang term for "class". Origins: Snoop Dogg's language.
Homeless: Can you spare some change? I'm trying to put myself through school..
Student: Yea right, you ain't never been to cleezy, you're just lookin to buy some crack!

Poindextor: Hey man, you going to class today?
FratBoy: Yo fuck goin to cleezy it's time to get wasted..

Son: When you were in college did you goto class everyday?
Father: Pfft haha! Son I slept through cleezy and graduated with a 2.0, word is bond.
by netstryke November 30, 2005
Classy; having elegance, grace, and dignity
Yo bruh, its lookin real cleezy since you remodeled the spot.
by Artista C. February 11, 2011
a person who manipulates others in order to gain self wealth and status.
yo man you acting real cleezy right now.
by heafty September 28, 2007
Something to be felt inside your cleez.
Strange and terrible, yet ultimately gratifying.
Fantastically horrible.
I had to clean behind my refrigerator, and it was really cleezy back there.

That night was so crazy, it was too much, it was painful, but feels really good.
by Corey Cohen May 30, 2005
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