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Slang for committing crime for money. Usually refers to low level criminal activity (aka the dirty work). Doin' dirt is commonly connected to drug dealing & trafficking, but doing dirt can be used to describe a wide variety of crime such as: robbing people, pimping hoes, running small-time gambling rings, assault+murder (for pay obviously) ect...
Lil man: Yaow man what you doin on the block at this hour?
Blood: Doin' that dirt lil nigga.
Lil man: Really? Can you hit me up with some weight?
Blood: Hell naw, your so young you couldnt even lift a Ki

Momma: Tiquita, where the fuck Jamal at, I gave him our foodstamps to go grocery shoppin 3hrs ago!?
Tiquita: Why momma? You know he's tryin to come up.. I bet he traded them for some work, he's prolly doin' the dirt right now on 116th and Lennox..

"I'm gonna cop some humongous guns so when I pop the mops and the sponges come, Ima keep doin dirt till i'm under some" -Cassidy
by netstryke December 14, 2005
1) To be incarcerated in prison (usually an upstate prison)
2) Used in reference anything that lies more north geographically
"I paid for that- 10 years up top not seven month shock, walked the yard with bloods, took the bus with cuz, went gun for gun- i earned my love" - Shyne (For the Record)

youngn: "What ever happened to that dude who shot Poppi?"
OG: "Blood, that niggaz lucky he's doin 20years up top, otherwise his body would be dumped in the river"

Killa from up north: "Yo when you comin back up top?"
Hustla: "I'm layin low in Atlanta till that heat blow over, ya heard?"
by netstryke September 18, 2005
Slang phrase meaning that someone tells the truth even it if means revealing some gruesome, vulgar, obscene or otherwise damaging information. Not to be confused with keepin it gangsta
Thug: Ayo, what ever happened to Raheed? wasn't he supposed to step on this brick and take it to poppi on 116th?
HeadG: Look blood between me and you, Raheed owed me money, and nobody liked his punk ass anyway so me and Niko popped him and dumped his body in the river ya dig?
Thug: Word, way to keep it grimey my nigga!

Chump: Hey baby, why ain't you returning my calls?
Girl: Look nigga you're broke, stupid and your style's whack plus your dick ain't circumsized, so stop callin me..
Onlooker: Hahaha oh shit, that chick's keepin it grimey!
Chump: Hey! Get back here HO!

Playa: Yo this might not be the best time to tell you this, but I'm fuckin Denise..
Chump: WHAT! I just bought her wedding ring, I'm gonna kill both of you!
Playa: Whoa whoa, don't be mad at me, I'm just keepin it grimey youngn..
by netstryke January 07, 2006
A large gathering of Indian people.
"Yo the whole block reaks of cumin, must be that indy 500!"
"Step into the engineering department of any university in America and you'll think it's the indy 500"
"That nigga Yohan has his whole family for his 18th birthday, looks like the fuckin indy 500..."
by netstryke September 09, 2005
A person who is such a chump that "Chump" would be warranted as part of their last name. Alternatively, a chump who is smaller, the younger sibling of, or acts like a chump to less of a degree than a real chump.
Chump: Hey guys!
Everyone: Whatup chumpsky?

Yannick: Yaow Yaow!
NetStryke: shut the fuck up chumpsky.
Yannick: *cries*

Homie: Yo what's poppin chump?
Chump: Hey dog..
Homie: Why you so down? Oh I know why, your girl's out bangin dat dude again huh?
Chump: Fuck you man!
Homie: Haha, man I thought yo last name was Chumpsky the way you're gettin chumped!
by netstryke November 26, 2005
Slang term that means "usual". Typically used by white, wealthy, and popular female highschool or college students to describe their daily routines. Origins: Old Tappan, NJ.
Dude: What up? (5pm)
Girl: Hey, nothing just woke up.. I'm gonna shower and then goto Starbucks, you know, the ushe.

Chump: Hey, want to play monopoly with me tonight??
Chick: Ummmmm, I think I'm going out to dinner with my friends, then hitting up the club and after that the afterparty, I'm not comin home tonight.. that's the ushe.
Chump: Ohhh.. ok (cries)
by netstryke January 07, 2006
Slang term for "class". Origins: Snoop Dogg's language.
Homeless: Can you spare some change? I'm trying to put myself through school..
Student: Yea right, you ain't never been to cleezy, you're just lookin to buy some crack!

Poindextor: Hey man, you going to class today?
FratBoy: Yo fuck goin to cleezy it's time to get wasted..

Son: When you were in college did you goto class everyday?
Father: Pfft haha! Son I slept through cleezy and graduated with a 2.0, word is bond.
by netstryke November 30, 2005

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