to draw a sword with enough force to cleave your enemy with tremendous power
Cloud Strife uses cleaverage to free his Buster Sword from his magnet
by Tim Wilson June 17, 2006
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To use female assets to gain favour in the world
Gee, she has a lot of Cleaverage with that low cut top..

How did you get that job ? Was it cleaverage?
by *Grass* May 22, 2005
to get leverage in any situation with one's cleavage
woman: "oh my god, that was easy getting my husband to take out the garbage. All i needed was a little cleaverage
by Trevor Green July 22, 2008
When a woman uses her tits to win an argument.
My wife was all like "Mow the lawn!" and I was all like "Nah.". Then she put on her red dress that pushes her tits almost right out of said dress. Beat me with cleaverage again. What a bitch.
by jordanjames. April 24, 2011

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