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A two part process of showering (clean) and masturbating (jerk). The clean does not necessarily come before the jerk, in fact more times than not the jerk precedes the clean. The engaging party often feels a sense of accomplishment upon completion of the clean and jerk as they have killed two birds with one stone.
Person 1: Hey man you about ready to go?
Person 2: Not yet dude, I'm gonna hop in the shower and clean and jerk before we leave.
Person 1: Well make it a quickie cause we gotta be there in like 20 minutes.
by Tony "The Situation" Simmons January 19, 2010
masturbating while using a disinfectant wipe, to ensure cleanliness pre and post masturbation.
Steve didn't want to leave a mess while watching porn, so he pulled out is KFC wet wipes and did a clean and jerk.
by orilykid August 18, 2010
Immediately prior to climax during sex, withdrawing the penis clean and then discharging a hot wad of man juice onto the partner's body.
The woman is always whining about how she wanted more kids, I was like, but pregnancy is so not hot right now! So I did the clean and jerk bukkake style. That'll learn her.
by teh vampire November 06, 2005
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