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The proposed clearing of streets on a university campus which, like the announced snow day, proved to be a lie
The Colorado School of Mines facilities team will still cleaginning around 4:30 AM.
by CSM False Snow Day December 04, 2013
When a university plows the roads on campus the morning after cancelling a snow day.
"Man, I can't believe they announced a snow day, then changed their minds. Guess they'll have to start cleaginning at 4:30 AM. Damn it Mines!"
by sabby2011 December 04, 2013
The act of clearing the streets and sidewalks at a university the day after cancelling a snow day.
"Hey guys! They called off school tomorrow!"
"Actually, they cancelled the snow day. I guess they'll have to start cleaginning at 4:30, then."
by CSM sadness December 05, 2013
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