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A noun made up to confuse people and make them look like an idiot pretending to know what it is. Usually used in a question asking somebody what their claymen looks like. Usually also used to make it sound rather perverted. Off family guy I think. No idea where it actually started.
Do you have a claymen?

Hey where's your claymen?

Dude my claymen itches so bad. Wanna scratch it for me?

What does your claymen look like?
by can i touch your claymen? February 26, 2009

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a perfect unspoiled man, able to adapt and mold himself.

A blank canvas.
We are so lucky to hire this young clayman before some one had a chance to spoil him.
by scully troller July 13, 2008
tall lanky claytopians interacting with humans on earth
bates is a clayman
by ai'thang boy September 05, 2003
Person who enjoys the act of licking the anus and the area between the sex organs and anus, which is covered in a sweet liquid or syrup. When done in prison, the reciever is dominant; the one doing it is submissive. Clayman loves to play soggy sao at lunchtime. After playing at lunchtime the Clayman will enjoy shooting the winkle with all of his other gay friends. A Clayman's main goal in life is to one day aspire to the likes of Shermdog, however this is virtually impossibele because they usually die young as a result of all the Monkey Nuts he eats.
Holy shit that guy is a Clayman he really enjoys getting bird fucked in the asshole.
by Bill Cowher February 18, 2005