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A situation where you find yourself in a very small space, i.e an elavator, or a thin gangway/stairwell, with a pervert or a peadophile present. :) usually a very uncomfortable situation, as 9 times out of 10, the perv has his phalus dangling through his fly. (maybe with a child) :( bad times.
Man1: (gets in lift with a baby boy in pram)
Man2: 'oh how sweet. how old is he?'
Man1: 'erm... im not entirely sure, cos you see, he's not mine. if i was to take a guess i'd say, about 3, 4 something like that. just right for me.' (smiles at man 2, then looks at baby, and smiles even more.)
Man2: (Realises that the other mans penis is hanging out. He then starts to feel VERY claustropeadic, and gets of at the next floor.)
by DontJudgeYouKnowItsTrue November 04, 2009
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