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The tight, unrelenting grip of the vagina around a male partners member or any inserted object.
I hope she was on the pill! She had me in such a massive claunch I could not pull out in time.
by Soni Token May 29, 2008
To violently jerk off and "launch" a load after doing a bunch of coke. A portmanteau for "coke launch".
Whisper it to yourself. "Claaaauuunnnnch"
The poor guy was a degenerate. A depressed and high strung individual and addicted to porn, he regularly sniffs coke and locks himself in his room and masturbates. Claunching hard.
by sevi7n November 28, 2012
To fuck dirty hoes hardcore
He claunched the shit outta that hoe.
by Kevin Layne March 07, 2007
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