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Fans of the older generation of Doctor Who, starting from the 1st Doctor to the 8th Doctor.
George: ....Why is he wearing a trench coat with a long scarf? *Points at John*
Alice: Oh, he's a Classic Whovian!
George: Who?
Alice: Doctor Who; He's a fan of the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker.
John: Want a jelly baby?
by Speedygal December 10, 2013

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Fans of the original run of Doctor Who, beginning from the 1st Doctor to the 8th doctor or sometimes the alternative Shalka Doctor. A large portion of these fans have various jokes and references that people outside the fandom would not understand such as Adric, Ceruleans, looms, nimons and mindprobes. Although they usually keep to themselves, if one was to insult or offend their show, they usually politely insult or defend their views.
*Zoe is wearing a Sixth Doctor Costume*
Sally: What is Zoe wearing?
Amy: Apparently she is a classic whovian, I don't understand, it's old and stupid
Zoe: I swear I will use the mind probe on you if you insult classic who again
by classic whovian May 15, 2014