to slap a girl wit your dick
me: sally was gettin on mi nerves last nite, bitchin
Joe: did u clapped her
me: u already noe
by trellis April 01, 2008
A term to describe something that is worn out beyond use.
Something in very very bad shape.
Something in a state of dis-repair that is way beyond normal.
An insult to the condition of an object.
Man, that bitch's pussy is soo clapped!
Dude, your car is a clapped piece of shit.
by KTMNealio December 11, 2003
Someone who is extremely ugly and looks as though they have a disfigurement to their face. Often used by people who are black or live near London.
'Hahaha dat guy over der iz clapped'
'I know omg, evry1 finkz he's bare buff'
'Ew nah man, he lookz lyk he has problemz'
by lolokaywhatever February 07, 2015
Matt G is so clapped that he only posts group pictures or pictures of shoes
by Robq January 25, 2015

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