Broken, in-operable, or otherwise incapable of performing it's original intended use/function.
Oh man I would drive you downtown but my ride is clapped out.
by THECHANCELLOR8 November 07, 2010
clapped; a sexy ass motherfucker, the person who calls you this is generally a jelous hoe who is a beat and delete, with very bad hair.
hoe:"lucie is a clapped bitch"
by sayittomyfaceyeah February 23, 2015
Getting Clapped- meaning you received a shot/vaccine from a doctor or physician for an Bacterial STD like chlamydia and Gonorrhea
Friend:Hey Frankie bro i heard your ass got clapped.
Frankie: Yea bro know i gotta go tell laquisha (girlfriend) she might have the Std
Friend:She gon whoop you as dude

Frankie: Shut yo ugly ass up Fr fr
Friend: Im just saying you know how black bitches be
Frankie: Fr dont stunt. Aint that the truth but anyway bro i gots to go
Friend: aha. ight see ya cuz
by The midnight nigga May 26, 2014
to steal
yesterday me, Tré and Derice Clapped some sweets from iceland before school
by J_Nico January 17, 2010
Getting beat up, related to physical fighting.
"There was a fight on the bus! That 6th grader got clapped by a 5th grader!"
by Toon.Asuka February 15, 2009
finished, to have completed a task.

to have done with someone or something
Teacher: Come on, you have five minutes left. Complete your work soon.

Student to the student sitting next to him: Hurry up, Dude. I have clapped.

Friend 1: Bro, how is it going with the Mrs?

Friend 2: I have clapped with her, maan!
by EncyWhyte April 28, 2013
to slap a girl wit your dick
me: chaquetia was gettin on mi nerves last nite, bitchin
Joe: did u clapped her
me: u already noe
by trellis April 01, 2008

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