Top Definition
Someone who goes down on a girl.

A pussy eater, muncher, muff diver...
Huerra: That guy asked me if he could eat me out.. HEY J YOU FUCKIN CLAMMER!
by Huerra November 20, 2006
a guy that sucks a cum load out of a guys ass
james sucked toms cum load out of mikes ass
by wanker1 July 23, 2005
A woman who has an STD and is willing to give it to her partner because of her sexual needs!
Jim: "Ay man look at Vasquez. He just felatioed with that Clammer. He's definitly got Herpe's or somethin'"

Man: " Yea dude, Susie's fasho been with atleast 50 guys!"

Vasquez: thought to himself: " I hope she doesn't have anything, her clam(vagina) is crusty and sploogin with green ooze!

Chick: " I can't wait to do him. It's been so long since I been with someone, because my herpes wouldn't heal!"
by Jim LJ November 13, 2010
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