A lady-person who enjoys "slamming" or stimulating via touch, her "clam" aka her vag; snatch; gash; pikachu.

Also, the female version of a "Ham slammer."
Kelly: "What you doin' today, Bea?"

Bea: "Oh, you know, just slammin' the clam."

Kelly: "You're a clam slammer too? That's awesome!
by Gossip Who August 07, 2009
Top Definition
the act of angering the vagina by licking ones palm and violently slapping her naughty place
after performing a perfect jelly doughnut, Tim executed a clam slammer flawlessly.
by jposey September 13, 2006
The part of a woman's memory reserved for masturbation.

The female equivalent of spank bank.
"Did you see him at the pool?" Asked Jane. "I'm locking that one up in the clam slammer for later"
by Ian Dustrial February 22, 2014
clamslammer- slang for a penis.
after years of agony, Beverly realized she would never again have the enjoyment of a good clamslammer.
by steve and will February 14, 2008

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