The female version of being cock-blocked. Another party ruins, prevents or impedes the probability of getting laid through whining, forcing to leave, laying the guilt trip and/or expecting one to "be a good friend" and sleep alone.
Almost everyone was hooking up in Mexico, until Trisha pulled the clam slam on me when she wasn't getting any play herself.
by PaxyD November 25, 2008
Top Definition
The female version of teabagging in which the vagina is placed on one's face, usually to establish dominance. Frequently used by female video game players after fragging another player.
DUDE! K1LL3rClam83 just clam slammed me after she stuck me with a grenade!
by Milky Pirate March 04, 2008
The female version of tea bag
Shut up before I Clam Slam you
by JMAC343 April 19, 2011
1. (v.) When one female prevents another female from scoring on a professional and/or personal level.

2. (v.) Female equivalent of cock block.

Synonyms: Twat swat; clam dam; clam jam (not to be mistaken for rag).
I was just about to close the deal when she cut in, cut me off and clam slammed me so hard I got whiplash. So...I punched her in the vag.
by foschizzlemanizzle June 06, 2010
When one famale is to 'slam' their vagina against another persons forhead.
"First one asleep gets a Clam-Slam from Kayleigh".
by Icemang80 August 18, 2009
T-bagging somebody as a girl
Jessica and Kristine tripped, we ran over to help and jessica was totally ClamSlamming Kristine!
by Ryandawg June 04, 2009
A girls version of cock block.
Bitch don't clam slam me I'm trying to get laid
by olive herclosehoff July 16, 2014
feminine of cockblock
Prudence and Dan frequently had time alone but her clamslamming roommate ruined any chances they had to have sex
by Kattypoo March 05, 2009
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