A woman who likes to indulge in the deeply arousing act of fellatio with another woman.
I tried to get her to give me a blow job, but the cock-teasing bitch was nothing but a clamlicker!


That clamlicker has licked so many clams, her mouth smells like a goddamn fishmonger.
by Phobophile March 17, 2005
Generally used to describe a lesbian, but could be anyone that enjoys the "clam". Usually accompanied by "whore", as in a clam-licking whore.
Frankie: That damn dyke principal of yours is a clam-licking whore!

Linda: Don't call me a whore! But I am one hell of a clam-licker!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
one who eats vagina religiously
Dude james is such a clam licker, his face is always burried in some vaj!
by dp's ink March 30, 2010
A lesbian. Made famous by prank call victim Richard Bergis.
DJs: The new school is funded by Ellen DeGeneres, the lesbian comic, and it's gonna be the first gay/lesbian/transgendered school!

RICHARD BERGIS: Why do I want my kids going to a fuckin clamlicker school?
by BigBrothersLittleBros April 07, 2010
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