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The creamy white substance that excretes from the female genetalia.
When I took my finger out her pussy, I had to wash all her clam dip off my hands.
by Preluder August 20, 2006
1. To place the vagina in someone's face and proceed in a up and down motion.

2. Female version of the tea bag
After assassinating her opponent she clam dipped his lifeless body.
by Cevers92 July 20, 2008
A groovy person who rides a unicycle, and is generally bald.
Wow, that Clamdip is amazing, the way he rides that unicycle on the beach, while all the ladies follow along behind.
by Eddie Walker May 12, 2010
The female version of the infamous TEA BAG Where a female gamers character crouches on a victims face in an act of humiliation towards the victim death.
She's clam dipping that noob! You just got clam dipped by her. She has good clam dip.
by XBLSassen July 20, 2011
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