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An individual who clam jams, in other words an individual who prevents a female from getting some hot action whether intentionally or unintentionally. A clam jam is a common maneuver in the lesbian community, but can also be applied when a girl is trying to hook up with a guy. While clam jamming is an effective form of birth control it is frowned upon in most societies.
wendy: Dang i was totally gonna get some last night till that kid's friend ended up being a stupid clam jammer.

wendy's friend: Rude!

wendy: Whateva i'm over it
by Whateva!! February 08, 2010
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a slang term for penis. the jammer of the clam. the clam being the vagina.
Steve's clam jammer is on the fritz
by titanboy2793 July 30, 2008
Noun; Slang for a female condom.
"I wouldn't have gotten pregnant had I used a clam jammer!"
by ThomasJohn June 09, 2012

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