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Some people like the clam, some people like the hot dog. If you like both, you're a clam dog.
Tila Tequila had to decide between the clam and the hot dog. She's a clam dog.
#clam #dog #clamdogs #clamdog #clam hot dog
by Karlrove99 February 18, 2008
Fried clams on a hot dog bun. Also called a clam roll.
If I don't have a fork to eat fried clams, I just get a clam dog.
#hot dog #clam #fried clams #hot dog bun #clam roll
by 2aron June 19, 2010
The Clam Dog is simple. What do you like the sweet smell of a Women's body and that magical endless road between her legs or a man. It's not a hard thing to realize in life but for those mother fucks like Tila Tequila that can't decide if they like the clam or the dog then they are a clam dog. A mother fucking undecided son of a bitch!
All I am saying is you like the you dudes or chicks if you like both your a clam dog
#clam #dog #bi #confused #hermafidite
by Fungus 1 February 19, 2008
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