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out of style. it is old.
that gurls weed is clad
by ryan1992 September 02, 2007
One who adores Harry Potter, Anime, and Blondies. A rare species that can survive on Spaghetti with marinara and cheese or candy, the clads is often seen with a rifle, flag, or deathnote. The clads is very dangerous when aggressed, so don't cross her when you're in the jungle.
You: Look! It's a clads!

Your charming friend: Quick! Get a Tamaki!

The clads: >< grrrr

You and your charming friend: EEK! @_@ *throws Tamaki-sama*

The clads: mmmm ^_^ *contente growl*
by Nightmare Nikki November 23, 2006
Certified Legit Ass Dude.
Im feelin' so damn CLAD, brah.
by masterhobs May 23, 2013