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acronym for the "coon-klux-klan," the opposite and opposing force to that of the "klu-klux-klan." The ckk consists of a bunch of niggers who instead of "white supremacy" give out a different message, "black supremacy."
Steve: yo Mitchell look at them niggers over there, I bet they're part of the ckk

Mitchell: you think so? Why dont we find out. *yelling* YO HOW YOU DOIN NIGGA?

The nigger: *whispers* ay nigga gimme yo glock I wanna pop some in that crackers ass, how dare he speek of the ckk!

The second nigger: ight cuz, i think its time to go ham on these bitch ass crackers

*gun shots, followed by screams and thuds of bodies*
by Sir Ambrose of the Goons June 11, 2012
a man who would only listen to an r&b song if it had a featuring rapper on it.
"i just grabbed this wax poetic CD today to listen to on the train"
by s_N_double_O_P April 24, 2005
a small white kid from germany who only listens to american hip-hop music. his favourite artists are ja rule and pitbull.
Ja Rule is the best rapper who ever lived.
by DRUGGY December 16, 2004