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the process of learning the ins and outs, the hustle and bustle, the underground, the hole-in-the-walls, how to navigate a 5 or 6 corner intersection, public-trans routes, neighborhoods, festivals, etc. of a large, sprawling, urban community that is classified as a city, more than likely said city has a population over 1 million and is known by most people around the world, i.e. Chicago, Sydney, Beijing, London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Mumbai.
One-Chance Jack became cityfied when he learned that he had to push the rear door of the bus open, but it was too late as he was already two blocks down the route.

Mary-Angela showed off that she was cityfied as she displayed her extraordinary driving skills as she handled a six-corner intersection making it from Milwaukee to Damen smoothly, while acknowledging the cyclists on the road and outwitting a cabbie. She then gave her passenger a bit of information about the Wicker Park neighborhood. Mary-Angela is quite cityfied.
by Roscoe D April 26, 2010
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