When you give the person next to you at a pinic table a hand job. Picnic table cloths are usually red and white, giving the illusion of a circus tent. Judging by the movement of the tent you can tell how many rings it is.
"Did you see that girl pitchin' that circus tent, it was at least three rings"
by Love_Machine May 09, 2008
Top Definition
when a guy gets a boner and his boxers stand out like a circus tent does becasue of the pole holding it up thru the center
i can see that guy's circus tent
by manda March 18, 2004
When 4 people (guys or girls) tap it with 1 person in the middle. Similar to the Eiffel tower, but with a lot more people.
"Ah man! It was this one broad and 4 other guys doing a circus tent with that girl!"
by Placeboady December 19, 2009
Breasts, tits
Yo, check out da circus tents on dat bitch!
by Michelle Dean July 15, 2003
LARGE erection lifts pants to look like a Circus Tent.
Kelly got such a Circus Tent when Philly read naughty stories online.
by gawwasdfh November 24, 2009

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